The Sound of Compassion By Dick Duerksen

I know what compassion sounds like, because I have heard it often before and after a storm.

Compassion sounds like…

a friend's hammer nailing a tarp on your roof

a neighbor's chain saw caring for the oak tree that fell on your garage

a midnight phone call asking if you are OK

three nurses laughing together in the bathroom..after 24 hours work

a friend offering to care for your dog while you stay at the hospital to work

the WalMart lady selling you her last gas can, the one she has been saving

Susan knocking on your door to see if you'd like to share her ice cream before it melts

a familiar small voice saying, "Mommy, I'm glad you're home."

the brakes on a power company truck as it stops in front of your house

your manager saying, "Thank you!"

the Care-to-Share team handing you a week's worth of Winn-Dixie coupons

the sound of no wind, no rain, and no TV WeatherPeople

Lars Houmann saying, “It’s time to go home.”

This has been compassion month! Four weeks of wind, rain, and the promise of more. Seems like every time the butterfly spreads its wings, another hurricane springs up near the Azores. “Worse than ever before,” the WeatherPeople say as their caps blow away.

Best of all, compassion sounds like God, explaining that He understands this is awful, but that He will care for you through it all. It doesn’t matter if its name is Bonnie, Charley, Frances, Ivan, or Norma-Jean, He is bigger than the storm. No matter what the enemy throws at you, He deflects the worst and offers His peace.

Compassion? It sounds like a co-worker reaching out a hand and saying, “This is really stressing us, isn’t it! Sometimes I feel like I’m going to break!! Could we pray together?

Dick Duerksen is the official Story Teller for Marnatha International. Answers © 2011 Click here for content usage information.