Time For School

By Bud Roberts

Photo by Pexels

Dear God:  School has started, and I pray that Your special blessing rests on all educational institutions. Help school administrators and boards seek Your wisdom and guidance in their decisions. Help all teachers and instructors be positive role models as they teach. Help each student to have a desire to develop a character that is sterling as they learn knowledge. Help them to realize that character is something to be sought after (Rom. 5:4).

Help them know that they should do what is right, because it is right. Lord, people of character don’t make up the rules as they go along–they agree to the rules beforehand. You have set the standard and we are accountable to that standard. We don’t ask "What is right for me?" Rather, we ask "What is right?" And then we obey.

So teach us all that if we are to be individuals of character, we must submit to Your code of conduct because we choose to do what is right.

Thank you Jesus. Amen!