Live Longer and Healthier
Reduce your risk of getting one or more of today's popular lifestyle related diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and certain cancers). Change your habits now and improve your odds! This section feature six interactive health guides. Take the quiz at the end of each lesson and get instant feedback.

Getting a New Start - Deciding to take charge of your health is only one of the pieces to life’s puzzle. Knowing what to do to affect change is another. A simple acronym can help you remember what can be done to make choices...

Obesity and Overweight - Overweight and obesity are both labels for ranges of weight that are greater than what is generally considered healthy for a given height.

How to Change - Are you starting your new exercise program tomorrow along with your new diet, eating more vegetables and getting more rest? Me too! The only problem is tomorrow never comes and then, it never stays.

Managing Diabetes - Diabetes mellitus is a condition that prevents the body from regulating the amount of sugar (glucose) in the blood. There are two common types of diabetes, Type I, known as insulin dependent diabetes and Type II or non-insulin dependent diabetes.

Getting Enough Fluids - When we think of being healthy, we automatically think of exercising, eating breakfast and eating fruits and veggies. These things help us to stay healthy but we often forget that 50 – 75 percent of our body weight is water.

Hypertension - Hypertension is the natural result of the heart trying to pump blood through restricted blood vessels. The heart has to work that much harder (apply greater pressure) to pump the blood through the narrowed arteries.