By Joelle Yamada

Photo by Pixabay

I’m getting to that age (aka, old-ness) when I find myself saying, “We didn’t have THAT when I was a kid.” I’m constantly amazed at how quickly technology races forward. Just the other day I was explaining to my teenager what a “Pen Pal” was. How I used to write letters—with paper and pen and envelope and stamp—and send them to a girl my age who lived in another part of the world. “Oh, like e-mail?” she said.

Uh, yeah. Something like that.

When my husband first deployed with the US Navy, we were newlyweds. I remember standing at the pier and waving as the ship moved into the harbor and watching all the children waving as well. It made me so sad to think of the months that would go by without even hearing the sound of their parent’s voice—let alone seeing their face.

But now we have video conferencing on our cell phones! On my iPhone, it’s called “FaceTime.” With a simple touch of the screen, I can suddenly SEE as well as talk to my husband. And when he deploys again next summer, my children will also be able to see and talk to him. This is so wonderful for children in military families who struggle to live without Daddy or Mommy for six to 12 months at a time.

It’s not as good as having him home with us, but it’s also a far cry from letters my grandmother wrote when my grandfather was serving overseas. Letters that would take months to arrive and more months for responses to be received.

I’m so thankful that we don’t need pen and paper or “FaceTime” to contact our heavenly Father. It is such a blessing that at any moment of the day, I can come directly to my Lord in prayer. I don’t have to navigate through any human intermediary, wait in line for a response, leave a message at the beep, pay extra for faster downloading speeds or check to see if “you’ve got mail.” I can speak to him right from my heart.

And one day, we’ll improve on “FaceTime” when we see him “face to face” (1 Corinthians 13:12).