Undivided Attention By Rich DuBose

Photo: Dreamstime
When was the last time you gave anything your undivided attention? Today that’s a pretty tall order with Smart-Phones, nagging emails, work, family issues and more. Giving anyone or anything your undivided attention means that something important may get neglected. Then what?

I’m finding that multi-tasking works fine for some things, but not everything. When I'm handling my on-line banking, I better be careful. When I’m talking with someone, I need to give them my undivided attention. If I don’t, then I’m essentially telling them that our conversation, and possibly friendship, is of little importance.

If God is who I say he is, then he deserves my undivided attention. This means turning off the iPhone during my daily devotions and resisting the temptation to see what my Facebook Friends are up to during the sermon time in church. Of course I can use technology as a means to connect with God (i.e. my Kindle e-reader Bible, or my iPhone devotional apps). But if I'm not careful, hundreds of distractions lie just a few finger taps away. Giving God my undivided attention means designating times when I solely focus on listening to him speak. It means allowing his words to slowly seep into my consciousness so that my heart is transformed and renewed.

Yes, I have a lot of things to juggle, and twenty-first century living is a lot more complicated than my grandparents could ever have imagined. But if I let it, the Information Age will completely consume me. And I’ve discovered that information and knowledge without focus leads to ignorance and insanity. So, I’m on a quest to prioritize and focus on what really matters. Care to join me? 

Rich DuBose, Director of Church Support Services for the Pacific Union Conference, is a writer and Christian resource provider. Answers © 2013 AnswersForMe.org. Click here for content usage information