Eternal Salvation

By Richard Amantite

Photo by Pixabay
All my life I struggled with mental illness (m.i) that went untreated until it was far too late to prevent many things from happening. This m.i. goes after that which is you, breaks it, and replaces it with the opposite. The stigma and the way the world condemns and mocks can be rough and is the reason behind suicide rates.

After my diagnosis in 2008 I began meds, which had adverse impacts on my body, and I was constantly seeking for the truth and for forgiveness and redemption. I wanted to see the light out of that darkness. I was into New Age things as I did much research into all religions and spiritualities until it became clear that the Satan of the Bible was real and that his marks were to be seen everywhere, even in my past experiences with aspects of my mental illness. The New Age experiences made those characteristics consume me almost entirely.

As I faced the depths of my sins, I was drawn to read an old Bible, that so changed my thinking I was born-again. The knowledge of the gospel gave me a measure of faith and a wonderful thirst for God's Word. He gave me a complete change of affections and of perception of the world and of people, and even of music. It is no secret that my struggles have been severe, my mental illness did not go away, but it did become better, even despite a severe traumatic brain injury in 2014, which is a long story. Let me just say that the Lord has fulfilled a promise and performed a great miracle, despite it all. God became involved in my life and I was baptized exactly a year after the injury.

So, despite how drastic things have become with my personal health problems, I know the Lord and He knows me, and that is worth more than all the treasures in the world. Despite my scarlet past, the blood of my Savior has paid for it all and has made me like snow.

I shall not die but live and declare the finished work of Jesus, by whom I am eternally justified. My illnesses and past do not define me because my identity is permanently in Christ. I know I am the Lord's and nothing in all of creation can separate me from my Shepherd.

As Corrie Ten Boom said, "God takes our sins - the past, present and future, and dumps them in the sea and puts up a sign that says NO FISHING ALLOWED." I have met Christians who've come from troubled pasts, but I see them through Christ, not according to the world or their past and I hope to be received likewise. I count all but dung that I might know Christ and the power of his resurrection. I am free to sing praises to my King.