Plum Lemonade

A "plummy" twist on a favorite summer time beverage. This drink is sugar free, too!

3 med red plums

1/2 C water
2 lg lemons
1 tsp stevia glycerite (Now Foods Brand)
6-7 C water

Discard the stones from the plums, cut them in chunks and place in a small sauce pan with 1/2 C water. Simmer plums until they are soft (5 minutes). Press plums through a sieve, then place puree in a pitcher. Juice the lemons and add the lemon juice to the puree along with the stevia and water. Mix well and cool in refrigerator.

Variation: To make a regular, low calorie lemonade, simply leave out the plums.

Servings: 8

Submitted by Caroline Brutsche

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