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1.  One way to buy fewer junk foods is to plan meals for the week and then shop for groceries based on the menu.  True False 

2.  Foods that promote good health include grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.  True False 

3.  According to 13 Keys to a Healthy Diet, which of the following foods is the better source of carbohydrates? (Select only one)

4.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, what is the recommended length of time for aerobic exercise each week? (Select only one)  

5.  Exercise must be done all at one time for it to benefit the body.  True False

6.  Exposure to the sun should be limited to how many minutes per day? (Select only one)  

7.  Buying “super size” food and drink is consistent with the concept of temperance.  True False

8.  What is the necessary element for all cells of the body to live? (Select only one)  

9.  Which of the following is the body’s dominant chemical, playing an important role in every system of the body? (Select only one)  

10.  You are strong enough to make lifestyle changes on your own.  True False
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