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1.  Height and weight are both used to calculate overweight and obesity ranges. This number is called the BMI (body mass index).  True False 

2.  An adult with a BMI of 30 or above is said to be obese.  True False 

3.  Abdominal fat is another predictor of risk factors for heart disease and other obesity related diseases.  True False 

4.  A waist measurement of 40+ inches in men and 35+ inches in women increases the risks for heart disease and other diseases.  True False 

5.  Eating late at night is the primary cause for overweight and obese problems.  True False

6.  A small weight loss of just 10% can reduce the risks of developing many dietary diseases.  True False

7.  One pound of fat is created for every 3500 extra calories consumed.  True False

8.  How much of your life span is shaved off by every pound of extra body weight? (Select only one)  

9.  A 10% increase in weight will produce what percentage of increased risk for heart disease for men? (Select only one)

10.  Obese persons are 5 times more likely to develop diabetes and elevated cholesterol levels.
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