Finding a Good Babysitter

By Kay Kuzma, Ed.D.

Photo by Pixabay

When it comes to childcare, don’t settle for second best!

The best care-givers are those who have a special love for the child; who are committed and willing to sacrifice personal desires in order to meet the child’s needs.

• Demonstrates maturity in behavior and decisions.

• Is a family friend or is someone you know well and feel you can trust.

• Loves to play with the children.

• Spends time with the children rather than doing own projects.

• Innately understands how to get children to cooperate without force or physical coercion.  

• Quickly establishes a rapport with the children.

• Has taken CPR and knows safety procedures.

• Shows respect for you as parents.

• Follows instructions.

• Leaves the home in better shape than when she or he arrives.

• Has good recommendations from others.

• Gives an accurate report of babysitting activities and your children’s responses.