The Value of Grandparents

By Nancy Canwell

Photo by Pixabay

When I was a kid, I admired my parents and vowed to be an involved, caring, loving parent like them. Well, now I am a parent. And as I watch them with their grandchildren, I find myself vowing to be a grandparent like them.

Grandparents may often feel that they aren’t needed — that they’re just in the way. But their grandchildren feel much differently. They feel that not only are grandparents important — they’re needed! I recently asked a group of grade school children, “Why are your grandparents important to you?” Here’s what some of them said:

Kyle: “They are always there for me.”

Daniel: “They take me to fun places and let me ride bumper cars and jump in the bounce room.”

Kristina: “They help pay for me to go to a Christian school.”

Lauren: “They always make me laugh.”

Danielle: “My grandpa packs my school lunches.”

Isaiah: “They love me.”

Madison: “When I’m sad, my grandma cheers me up.”

Zach: “They give me my favorite food: pickles in a bowl!”

Calin: “They love me and take care of me. They dry my tears and make me mac and cheese!”

Cute responses. But don’t think that only young children need their grandparents. Older ones do, too. I asked a group of teenagers the same question, and here’s what they said:

Katriel: “They’re like my parents—except they don’t get me in trouble.”

Nathan: “They’re nice and are always there for everyone. They are close to God and I want to be just like them.”

Josh: “They give good advice. They’re understanding, caring and open. I feel I can talk to them.”

Diana: “My grandma is a good cook and makes awesome food!”

Tiena: “They talk to me when I’m sad or mad. They’re there all the time for me.”

Kylee: “They put others before themselves. They’re there for me when no one else is.”

Cierra: “They’re there for me during hard times. They’re funny and outgoing.”

Jimmy: “My grandparents don’t live here, and they always send me things.”

Kathryn: “When we were having a hard time, they bought us clothes and food.”

Proverbs 17: 6 says, “Children’s children are a crown to the aged….” A crown is a symbol of authority, often worn by a monarch. As a grandparent, you are the monarch of your family. You are needed. You’re needed for the wisdom your years of experience can bring. And you’re needed for your love, patience, listening ear and playfulness.

Don’t feel that because your children are grown and gone you’re no longer needed. There is a new generation waiting just for you.

(Scripture taken from the New International Version)