God Isn't Fair

By John McLarty

Photo by Shutterstock

The evidence is overwhelming. Missionaries are kidnapped and killed while serving in remote locations. CEOs make millions in shady deals and get off with a slap on the wrist. Innocent children are abducted by evil strangers. Good people suffer lingering illness. It’s not fair. Something is wrong. God does not treat people the way we think he should, considering their personal histories.

But then, maybe it’s a good thing God isn’t fair.

We don’t deserve most of the ugly stuff that happens, true. But it is also true that we haven’t earned the good things that come our way, either. If you were born into a family that values education or laughs easily or appreciates hard work, these things are gifts, not accomplishments.

Perhaps the greatest gift of all is forgiveness. None of us lives without making mistakes, sometimes very serious ones. We deserve to be punished. But God isn’t fair. Instead of looking at our achievements–our past–to decide how he will treat us, he looks to his own affection for us and to the future he wants to give us. He offers forgiveness. Because of the gift of forgiveness, we can start each day fresh without being loaded with the weight of the past.

Fair means getting what we deserve. It is focused on the past and on our behavior. God isn’t fair; He is gracious.

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