Living the Full Life

By Dick Duerksen

Photo by Pixabay

God says, “I have come so you may have life, full, abundant, overflowing life, as I live it!” John 10:10

Next time you go to Honolulu, take along fins, goggles and a snorkel. As you exit the airport, turn left on Interstate #1 and wander off North towards Nanakuli and Waianai. Switch to highway 93, and about an hour down the road (assuming you stop for pineapple juice at a roadside stand) you will come to a giant power plant on the edge of the Pacific.

There is a dirt parking area on the bluff South of the power plant. Pull in, pull on your swimmers, and climb down to the rocky beach. Wade out till you’re waist deep and then snorkel off toward New Zealand. The coral is ugly and the fish are awesome. Golden needlefish hang as if suspended in the sky, trigger fish lurk in the coral, lion fish float beside you and a dozen barracuda track you from their “safe” distance. You are in a whole new world, a zoo where you are the animal being watched.

Swim about 400 yards out to sea, to where the reef drops away into a dark blue abyss. The coral is now brightly colored and there are even more fish, schools and schools of them, circling above and around you.

Twenty feet below you, under a coral shelf, you’ll see two giant cement pipes, each pumping thousands of gallons a minute from the power plant out into deep water.

Take a deep breath, then another, and another, till your lungs are fully expanded. Now, dive the 20 feet down to the closest pipe. Float over the opening and kick down into the water flow.

What you feel next is better than the Kraken, wilder than the Tower of Terror and more breathtaking that bungee jumping off the New River bridge. You will be grabbed by the warm water and whooshed toward King Neptune’s playroom!

Just when you think you’ve used your last molecule of air, the current will turn upward and expel you CLEAR OUT OF THE WATER! You’ll crash back to the sea, shout, holler, cheer, and then do it again till your lungs are about to burst and every cell in your body overflows with joy!

I wonder what Heavenly ride God has designed that will outshine the Pipe?