Red Light

By Dick Duerksen

Photo by Pixabay

I love being loved. Soft touches. Winks from across the room. Notes under the pillow. Pecan pie to start a meal. Unexpected kindness. Knowing what I like and going even further. It’s the heart of Country songs, dime novels, chick flicks, and Bethlehem’s manger. “Love: treating me as if I am really valuable. Giving me your very best.”

I love being loved!

When you love me it’s as if you find an empty platter on a very private shelf deep inside my heart…and fill it to overflowing with delicacies sweeter than Turkish Delight.

When you love me I am happy. When you love me the sky is brighter. When you love me my troubles drift away into insignificance. When you love me I have everything I need.

I love being loved!

I thanked Jesus, the traveling Messiah, for His love one morning. I saw Him talking with a group of scrungy beggars under the freeway overpass, and my light had just turned red, so I rolled down the window and called to Him over to my car.

I told Him how His love had guided me to success in business. I thanked Him for my high standing in the community. I showed Him my new sunglasses. I thanked Him for His love.

“I love being loved,” I told Him. “…but,” The light was still red, so I forced out the question that had been waking me up at night. “How can I get rid of the feeling that there is still something missing in my life?”

“Your clothes?” He crouched beside my car window and touched my sleeve. “I gave them to you so you could clothe others.” “Your standing in the community? It puts you where you can influence policy so my poorest and most vulnerable children will be cared for.”

“The money?” He pointed to the packages in the passenger seat, “I gave it to you so you make others feel wealthy.”

“Love’s greatest gift is not in the receiving. It is in the giving!”

He smiled, stood, and waved toward His waiting friends. “Give it all away and join me.” That was when the light turned green.