Career What do you want to be when you grow up? Maybe you're already grown up and still trying to figure it out. Here are some tools that may provide some help.

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Charting Your Career Path - Your career influences most every part of your life. It is not only the time you put in from 9:00 am -- 5:00 pm five days a week approximately 50 weeks every year, which in itself is a huge commitment; your career also affects your psychological, physical, social, and economical well being.

Always Something New - Established inventor Steve Divnick of Kettering, Ohio, has been creating things since he was a boy. He started with welding, cutting, machining, and building off-road vehicles. In the midst of his teaching career during the late 1970s, Divnick was featured in magazines for creating and building the first prototype pick-up/van combination, which is now a standard in the RV industry.

Reinventing Your Life - Studies show that people change careers several times over the course of their working lives. When these milestones occur (either by choice or through company lay-offs) we must find ways to reinvent our career options.

Live Your Dream - If a person has a dream he or she thinks is from God and sits around waiting for the door of opportunity to open before doing anything, I call that unbelief. If a dream is from God, then the question is not if the door will open, but when. Don't get caught unprepared.

How to Land a Job - Many teens have found that having a part-time job can be a valuable experience. Learning how to get a job and keep it is knowledge that will stick with you for a lifetime, and the extra cash you earn doesn't hurt either.

Writing a Mission Statement - There are at least three kinds of entrepreneurs: those who invent better mouse traps, those who manufacture them, and those who sell them. At every level people make money, but it all starts with an idea.

Change or Die - Is change an enemy to be defeated? Should we resist it? The terror and beauty of change is that nothing is set in concrete. That's terrifying if you want things to stay the same. At times you may wish you could hit the "pause" button while you temporarily step out of life's drama.

Choosing a Career - Career planning is a lifelong process, which includes choosing an occupation, getting a job, growing in our job, possibly changing careers, and eventually retiring. Career choices may well be more difficult today than at any time in history.

When I Grow Up - By the time I was in third grade, I knew I wanted to be a writer. I even wrote my first book in fifth grade, a mystery about a group of kids who started a library, and then books started disappearing! As time went on, however, I began to doubt my abilities.

How to Find Your Life Mission - Just imagine yourself getting up in the morning, excited about what the day will bring, fully expecting your day to be interesting, motivating, and fulfilling.

Finding Time For College - As an eighteen-year-old fresh out of high school, one of the biggest questions facing young Jane Q. Public about college is probably, "How will I pay for it?"

Three Hidden Qualities of Great Leaders - Models and theories on leadership are as numerous as they are varied in their approaches. While research on what defines an effective leader has been extensive, its definition continues to evolve.