Dear God Prayer helps us identify and aknowledge some of the praises and concerns that we all have. Where appropriate, ask God to accept these as your own prayers! | Read articles on Spiritual Growth.

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Attitude of Gratitude - Dear God: This is the time of year that we think about earth's harvest, good food, and being with family. Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year in the United States.

Off to Camp! - Dear God: Nicky looked so vulnerable getting on that bus this morning, Lord. His first trip to summer church camp . . .

Bless the Missionaries - Dear God: It’s the corniest prayer cliche in the universe, but I have it on my heart to pray today for all the missionaries.

Finals - Dear God: I’ve got that massive comprehensive final in 45 minutes, God, and I can’t help the feeling of dread that creeps over me.

Constant Pain - Dear God: Help. Jesus, I can hardly pray beyond that one word. I hurt all over. The pain is with me in the morning, nags me through the day, and climbs into bed with me at night.

I'm Sorry - Dear God: I have finally come to realize that cannot make myself sorry for the negative things I say and do. Your word calls for repentance, but I don't have it within myself to bring it to pass.

Holy Spirit - Dear God: It’s such an incredible gift, Father – your Holy Spirit. Thank you. It’s impossible to picture your Spirit ministering throughout our lost and hurting world, but the Bible assures us of his omnipresent power.

Better Sermons, Please - Dear God: I have to open up my heart to you, Lord. Here goes: please bless Pastor with an extra portion of your Spirit regarding sermons.

A Radical Idea - Dear God: The law of heaven calls for a radical way of living that turns human logic on its head. It's customary for us to love and value those who treat us well.

Well Connected - Dear God: I’m pretty connected. After all, I work at my computer all day and sometimes into the night and have full access to e-mail.

Deal or No Deal - If my life were on television and people could see how I grasp at things: a nicer car, more furniture, more clothes, etc.

I Am Someone - Dear God: I'm a nobody! I feel like I do not amount to very much. It appears as though whatever I do is insignificant. Nothing of any count!

Getting and Giving - Dear God: Forgive me for forgetting what Christmas is about. I live in an overly commercialized country where merchants promote Christmas as a shopping bonanza.

My Daily Bread - Dear God: I’m truly sorry, Father, that my “bless the food” prayers so often get into a rut.

Changing Seasons - Dear God: Right now the seasons are changing; the beautiful colors of the trees amaze me. I like some of life's changes, but resist others. You know what's best. Help me to let you change my life.

Death but Hope - Dear God: You created Adam and Eve to live forever. It was not Your plan that they should experience death.

Resurrection Hope - Dear God: My heart was so touched at Lupe’s funeral last night. The whole service was in Spanish—and I didn’t understand a word.

Compliments - Dear God: It’s amazing how one word of praise can change a day! Heading out to the car after our small-group meeting last Thursday...

God's Guidance - Dear God: Sometimes I feel my life is like a great ship upon the ocean I look for land and there is none. I want to find the port, but I don't know the direction.

Present Grief - Dear God: Right now there are people who are experiencing GRIEF. Some are grieving because of the loss of a loved one. Some grieve because of hurts and illness.

Let Freedom Ring - Dear God: Thank you for the freedoms that we enjoy here in the United States. It's not a perfect country by any stretch. We have many problems, and some people seem to relish tearing down our government and actually want to demoralize those who are trying to make it work.

Singing His Praise - Dear God: We heard a new praise song at church this week. Thank you Father for the continual flow of great new songs that blesses the Christian church.

Good Teachers - Dear God: Well, we got through another parent-teacher conference, Lord . . . and what a treasure Mrs. Quigley is!

Trust In You - Dear God: I worry about the future. I guess I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.

Choose Joy - Dear God: Jesus prayed that His joy would be fulfilled in us. Joy is one characteristic that should be evident in every Christian's life.

I Love to Argue! - Dear God: Lord, please help me to start remembering that I don’t need to set the entire world straight! It’s invigorating to argue . . . and I do it so well.

I Want to Quit - Dear God: I feel absolutely helpless and weak-willed right now. Monday was the big day; I was going to quit smoking for sure.

Going to Church - Dear God: Church services are in two hours and – sorry – that’s about the last place I feel like being. It’s so warm under these bed covers, and I already know it’s going to be cold at church.

Heal My Racism - Dear God: It’s a side of my experience that I absolutely loathe: the twist of racism that exists in my heart.

Appointed Rest - Dear God: It’s such an awesome feeling to come up to Saturday (the Sabbath) and simply, stop. After working my tail off all week long, I almost don’t know how to quit achieving...

Patience Like Yours - Dear God: I am truly grateful for your patience. When I think of how many times I have acted or spoken in haste, and the many times I have knowingly disobeyed...

My Prayer - Chelsea Bond takes a traditional line of poetry and stretches it into a fresh cache of new verse that underscores the tension, yet peace that can be ours when we rest in God.

A Sleeping Saint - Dear God: Lord, we’ve experienced a great loss in our church. Dan was such a superb leader, and he served our congregation so effectively. But thank you for now allowing him to rest.

Freedom From Guilt - Dear God: Today, I would like to pray for those who are tormented by guilt. Guilt usually means we've done something wrong.

I Need Guidance - Dear God: I am clueless about directions—especially the north, south, east, west kind.

The Christmas Spirit - Dear God: Your word tells us to "Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His love endures forever." This Christmas season I want to thank you for being so good to me.

Holiday Stress - Dear God: I'm stressed out! Christmas is just around the corner and there's way too much going on! The traffic is crazy and I keep bumping into people who are downright rude!

Losing My Job - Dear God: I’m really scared. There’s a sick rumble around the building that a third of us might lose our jobs. If that happens, I’m almost sure to be one of the pink-slip victims.

I'm Lonely - Dear God: Do you ever notice how many of your children are lonely? Some of us are divorced, some widowed and others have never married. There's also a lot of loneliness within marriages.

Blessed to Bless - Dear God: My life is blessed beyond measure. I certainly don't deserve the many good things that come my way, but I am grateful and want to show it by helping others.

Left or Right? - Dear God: It probably happens once a day. "Which foot does this go on?" asks 4-year-old Tommy as he holds up his shoes to me.

Married Love - Dear God: This week my prayer focuses on LOVE. Thank you for your great love for each of us. By your grace, let me be a more loving and lovable person.

The Gift of Music - Dear God: Last night was just incredible! My friends and I enjoyed a night out at the Hollywood Bowl, and the music was exquisite.

Open My Eyes - Dear God: My heart needs to be invaded by Your philosophy and Your way of thinking. Sometimes I get so focused on my environment I forget there's another perspective--a better way to view my world.

Salt-Free Vocabulary - Dear God: I feel a stab of shame, Lord, when I lose it and use your name in vain. It happened again this morning when that teenager slammed on his brakes right in front of me and put me into a skid. And I just erupted with a whole paragraph of cursing.

On the Road - Dear God: For the last two weeks I've been on the road on business, away from my immediate family. Sometimes it gets lonely. Thank you for being my constant companion.

Don't Worry - Dear God: Thank you for waking me to a new day of hope and grace. You say there is no need to worry, yet life on this planet is fraught with trouble.

Humble Me - Dear God: How insightful is Proverbs 29:23, "A person's pride will bring them low..." Pride is something we all struggle with—yes, even Christians.

Sharing Faith - Dear God: All right, today’s the day. I’m going to find a way to mention you—and my relationship with you—when I see Victor.

Bless the Waitress - Dear God: She’s there every Sunday afternoon when we go through the buffet line. “Rony.” And I think sometimes about her life...

First Responders - Dear God: When we're little it's fun being first. First in line for lunch. The first one to open our Christmas presents. The first person to make it to the finish line in a race.

Sitcoms - Dear God: Jesus, I’m almost blushing as I say this prayer – and this is for your ears only – but thank you for the comedy genius of sitcoms.

Sometimes I Doubt - Dear God: I was hit with a surging wave of doubt today. About You. Please forgive me, but I’m sometimes bombarded by the fact that everything about You, every claim You make, is invisible and has to be taken on faith.

Our New Home - Dear God: I can’t believe it, Father. After all these years, you have given us a home of our very own!

Confession - Dear God: Father, I’ve chosen tomorrow as the day I’m going to find Glen and make my confession.

Musical Praise - Dear God: In Psalms I read, "Worship the Lord with gladness; come into His presence with singing." Father, I want to thank you for the gift of music.

Free to Believe - Dear God: Thank you for the freedoms we enjoy in our country. Here in the U.S. it's easy to take for granted the fact that we can move where we want, worship as we please, and decide how to spend our lives.

Going to the Chapel - Dear God: It's June—wedding bells ring—two are made one as lives are united. Marriage is a controversial issue in our country. You are the one who established this sacred bond.

Seeing Jesus - Dear God: 2000 years ago John the Baptist introduced the Jesus with these words, "Behold the Lamb of God, which takes away the sin of the world."

Real Fathers - Dear God: This week our families are honoring us. Make us worthy. It's a stressful role we fathers fill today. Walk with us so we may portray your love and character.

My Exploding Schedule - Dear God: I’d like to call a timeout and have some soothing “Enya” quiet time with you, but today’s one of those crazy days where five duties just turned into twenty.

Sharing God's Love - Dear God: Everyone's favorite Bible text could be, "For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life."

Everyday Chores - Dear God:Some days a collection of such sterile tedium would frustrate me – but somehow today I feel at peace with my role as a wife, mom, and unpaid Merry Maid.

Thank God for Mothers - Dear God: Thank you for mothers! How rich my life is today because of a loving, Christian mother. She taught me the importance of prayer.

Time With You - Dear God: I read, "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled." Lord Jesus, I give you permission to deepen my hunger and thirst for more of you.

Facebook - Dear God: It’s something I log onto every day — many times a day — and I’m not the only one. According to Wikipedia, as of October 4, 2012, Facebook had more than 1 billion active users throughout the world.

When I'm Afraid - Dear God: We live in a crazy world! The Marathon bombing in Boston is the latest evidence that an evil being walks the earth and crawls into people's heads and hearts to create mischief and mayhem.

I Spy - Dear God: It was amazing. Tommy and I were watching our bird feeder and out of the corner of my eye I saw a large red-headed bird land on a nearby tree.

Resurrection Hope - Dear God: Thank you for the Easter season that reaffirms our faith, trust and hope in the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. He gives us the hope to which we cling—"Because I live—you too shall live."

Something Beautiful - Dear God: The hummingbirds outside my office window are performing their regular sorties—an intricate flight pattern that circles my feeder.

Experiencing Loss - Dear God: I feel a burden to pray for those who have recently suffered loss: the loss of health, of a job, a relationship, a spouse, a child, a home, a parent.

Love at Work - Dear God: The Bible tells us that we are truly your followers if we demonstrate love to one another. Please help me to be a better lover! It is easy to love those far away, but hard to love those we live and work next to.

No Bitterness - Dear God: Today I read a text in Heb. 12:15 that says, "See to it. . .that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble."

Inaugural Prayer - Dear God: Give your divine blessing to our newly-inaugurated President. Grant him your Holy Spirit to supply divine wisdom in his momentous decisions and a Christ-like boldness in his living.

Radical Wine - Dear God: Help me drink in the radical "wine" of Jesus' words till I am drunk with his power and joy! Then, help me be a blessing to each one I meet.

Too Much Stuff - Dear God: Why do we surround ourselves with so much stuff? A couple years ago I spent a week organizing my parent's house for sale and was overwhelmed with how much of what they'd kept was unwanted even by charities.

New Year's Praise - Dear God: As I prepare to step into a New Year, thank you for this wonderful year just past. Though the future will be filled with lots of unknowns...

Merry Christmas God - Dear God: The good news of salvation is the best news our world has ever heard! None of us deserves the grace you offer.

Help the Needy - Dear God: Your word says, "He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord." Our community has so many poor, needy and homeless. These are your creatures, members of our society.

Healthful Living - Dear God: Your word tells me that I was created in your image. That I am a temple of God. That what I eat and drink should be to your glory. This tells me I have a part to play in maintaining good health and keeping physically fit.

I Am Blessed - Dear God: Thank you for the gift of your Son: My Savior, Jesus Christ. Your word tells me that you loved me so much that you gave Jesus to save me.

Loneliness - Dear God: There are so many lonely people in our world. Please fulfill your promise, "I'll never leave you nor forsake you." Help them to feel your nearness.

Please Forgive Me - Dear God: Today I want to uphold before you those who need to confess a sin: those who need to ask for forgiveness, those who need to apologize.

When I'm Afraid - Dear God: When I can't sleep, the nights are long. Then the dark shadows heighten my fears. Evidently David experienced this.

Tempered Zeal - Dear God: Another election cycle is upon us, and all of us who are both Christians and news junkies have some soul-searching to do.

Empty Nest - Dear God: Today we let her go. We moved Karli into her dorm room at Cal Poly, went out to dinner (which felt to me like the proverbial last supper), and then said goodbye.

Still Alone - Dear God: Why am I still alone? I’ve been single for many years now—after a marriage of 29 years. I’m lonely.

Watch Your Tongue - Dear God: I read Jesus' words. "But those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart and they defile a man." Please give me a compassionate heart so that my words will bless and encourage others.

Time is Life - Dear God: Your word tells us there is a time for everything. So, time is precious. We measure life by time, although you created us to live forever. To a great extent, you control the length of our days. Please help us to use our allotment wisely.

Little Things - Dear God: Character is determined by all the little things and experiences of life. Please help us to be more attentive to and concerned with the little things in life.

I Need to Calm Down - Dear God: I’m just boiling! I can’t remember the last time I was this mad. You saw it all. Jerry called a staff meeting, and then called me out right in front of the whole group...

Freedom to Worship - Dear God: Thank you for a new day of life and liberty. In some parts of the world there are people who long for freedom to live and worship as they please. But they cannot because the civil authorities are...

Treasures On Earth - Dear God: Yesterday was a banner day. I put money down on my first home purchase. As great as that is, I vacillate between abject fear and unbridled joy.

Intimacy With Jesus - Dear God: As this day unfolds and before I get caught up in the stresses and pressures of living, help me to determine to get better acquainted with you.

She's Still Mom - Dear God: My mother lives a thousand miles away and I only get to see her once a year. Our time spent together is precious and I just returned from a visit. She's getting old and, although in good health, there aren't many years left for her on this earth.

I'm Growing Old - Dear God: You promise that in "old age" you will carry and deliver us. As old age creeps upon me Lord, I want to claim this promise in my life. Please increase my faith and trust to accept you at your word.

Cancer Patients - Dear God: Today I want to pray for and uphold before you those who are receiving chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

Searching People - Dear God: This world is full of "searching people." Some are searching for riches, happiness, acceptance, love, a job, and yes, even YOU! Today, I want to pray for all those who are searching.

As Little Children - Dear God: I can hear my grandchildren wrestling in the living room and I'm not sure I've ever heard anything more delightful. The baby is just developing his belly laugh and my four-year-old loves making him laugh.

For the Birds - Dear God: There's a bird feeder outside my living room window. I’m thrilled when the juncos, chickadees and cardinals visit. I love filling up the feeder for those visitors.

Breakdown - Dear God: Lord, it’s so frustrating when our machines don’t work. Some people can just wave a wrench and their washing machines gulp apologetically and fix themselves.

Graceful Lips - Dear God: I have not always spoken with graceful lips. Sometimes my words can be short, sharp and rude. I don't mean them to be. Please forgive me for speaking this way.

Send Your Brightness - Dear God: There are those who read this prayer whose day is dark and dreary and discouraging. Please, Lord of Light, send the brightness of your love into their lives just now.

Today's Race - Dear God: Today I read an exciting scripture, "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."

Deliver Us From Evil - Dear God: There is so much physical violence taking place. It is of extreme concern to religious and government leaders. Policemen, Pastors and defenseless people are being gunned down.

I'm Trusting In You - Dear God: In this New Year, please teach me that I can trust you no matter what. Since you are the only One who knows the future, I can rest in your care.

Finding Your Plan - Dear God: I am eager to live my life for the purpose for which you created me. Today I read "live a life worthy of your calling."

Devotional Life - Dear God: We are just days into the New Year. This year, Father, I want to know a deeper and more personal experience with You. I want to deliberately take more time talking with you and listening to You.

I Don't Like Flying - Dear God: I know I’ve prayed about this five times already--but they just called our row! It’s time to board. And I can’t help it: I just am always nervous about flying.

God's Amazing Gift - Dear God: Two thousand years ago, in the fullness of time, an epoch-making event took place: Your Son was sent to our earth to become a human being—Jesus Christ.

Contentment - Dear God: In this topsy-turvy world of greed and selfish ambition, teach me how to be content.

Jesus Responds - Greetings My Children: Thank you for remembering My birth. I greatly appreciate the many good deeds you do in My name. The shelter you provide for the homeless. The food you share with the hungry.

God's Armor - Dear God: Before facing the challenges of this day, I sense the need of your presence and protection in my life.

Prayer Meeting - It’s 6:31 on a Wednesday night and I’m searching desperately for something that I have to do so I can miss “Family Night” at church. I don’t know why they call it family night. It’s an old-fashioned prayer meeting.

Caring for Nature - Dear God: In Psalms 24 you remind us that "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof; the world and they that dwell therein."

Good Health - Dear God: It feels so good to be well! Last month, when I had that flu bug for almost a week, and was so miserable, I couldn’t imagine or even remember what it was like to feel good.

In the World - Dear God: In John 17 you prayed that I would be sanctified, yet though living in the world, I would not be of the world and its evil.

Treasures - Dear God: Your ultimate purpose for me, this earth and the universe is eternal salvation and being secure in Jesus Christ.

Back to School - Dear God: It’s that time of year when schools open and summer activities close. I ask your blessing on all school administrators and teachers.

The Gift of Friends - Dear God: Thank you for the mix of friends from all ages and all walks of life. Remind me that I can learn and I can teach, it doesn’t matter the age.

Dejunk My Life - Dear God: Please help me "dejunk" my life! I spend so much time picking things up, looking for lost items, sorting through junk mail, and trying to find room in my closet for new clothes.

Learning to Trust - Dear God: I want to trust you more completely. You have told me that when I trust in You with all my heart, You will make my paths straight.

Auto Mechanics - Dear God: Today, I would like to pray for auto mechanics, those individuals who repair and keep our vehicles running—some tune engines, some repair damage, some detail, some paint so it looks like new.

Spiritual Growth - Dear God: Today I feel a need to walk closer to You. I have this emptiness that I want You to fill.

The Gift of Humility - Dear God: Sometimes I am torn between pride and humility. It's natural to want to succeed, to be first, to be somebody.

Sexual Purity - Dear God: Today, I want to present before you our children, young children and youth. They are surrounded with so many temptations. The evil one has made them a special target.

Those Who Are Sick - Dear God: Today I'm praying for those who are in constant pain or who are terminally ill. Life can be so unfair and cruel to these individuals.

Organ Donors - Dear God: Thank You for my marvelous body—as evidence of Your creative power. Today I pray for those in need of organ transplants.

Let's Pray - Dear God: Thank You for the gift of prayer. Prayer is my effort of reaching out to You, because You have told me to "ask and I will receive" and You will appropriate...

Hush Up - Dear God: You said, "Be still." But You couldn't have meant me. Me be still? Remember You made me and You know I can't sit still. I've been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder.

Discouragement - Dear God: Be there for every person who is discouraged. For those who feel like giving up and calling it quits.

Can't Stop Crying - Dear God: The other people in business class think I’m crazy, but I can’t stop crying. The flight attendant just brought me tissues.

Sudden Tragedy - Dear God: The recent nonstop tsunami coverage on CNN and the other networks made my heart ache as I watched the carnage there in Indonesia.

Spring Is Here - Dear God: It's springtime! Hallelujah! To see the brilliant colors of flowers, to smell their pungent fragrance, to observe the new display of life in Your creation is indeed inspiring.

American Idol - Dear God: It's a phenomenon that sweeps the television viewers every time the auditions for the television show, American Idol, are aired. Hundreds of thousands of people line up to try to find fame though becoming "The Next American Idol."

I'm Retired - Dear God: My fellow employees gave me a huge homemade card, a travel coupon, and a hundred hugs . . . and now I’m retired. Last Friday was my last day.

Sudden Death - Dear God: Boy, right now a whole lot of people sure don’t “get” You. The youth leader for our whole church conference—two hundred-plus churches—gets cancer and dies at the age of 38.

New Life - Dear God: I watched the birth of my daughter today. At three minutes after one, her tiny head emerged . . . and then I saw that face. That face had a mouth, a nose, and tiny scrunched-up eyes.

Help Me Wonder - Dear God: Sometimes I am so busy with work that I forget how to be amazed! Nothing surprises me. Sunrises and sunsets are routine events that fail to inspire.

Mom's Birthday - Dear God: I just want to thank you for Mom. We celebrated her 83th birthday today, and she’s still well and happy.

The Church - Dear God: We often sing the hymn, "The Church has one Foundation, tis Jesus Christ her Lord."

I'm Frustrated - Dear God: I’m fat and I’m frustrated—but I guess not quite enough to do anything about it. I cringe every time I hear on the news that Americans are getting fatter...

I Can't Skip It - Dear God: Sometimes I'm tempted to skip my time with You. Some days the calendar is so packed with things to do I'm tempted to just breath a prayer as I head out the door. The other day I was feeling this way...

Competitive Spirit - Dear God: Lord, please temper my competitive juices just a little bit. (Okay, a lot.) It’s fun to win and to be the best at this thing or that. . .

Time for Holiness - Dear God: We often sing the hymn "Take Time to be Holy." As relevant as those words are, I find it so difficult to take the time to be with you so that you can make me holy.

Where's Spring? - Dear God: It's cold. In fact, it's freezing. The ground is frozen and I can see patches of snow left from last week's snowstorm. Patches remain where the sun doesn't penetrate.

Exposing Your Grace - Dear God: It's a new day and I thank You for bringing me to it; for the benefits of rest and renewal. I just finished reading about when Jesus healed several people of their physical problems.

Family Dynamics - Dear God: At one time, we were a pretty close family, although spread out over 12 years. That was decades ago, though. I’m not sure exactly what happened.

My Child Is Hurting - Dear God: It's hard being a parent when I see my child experiencing something painful that I can't do anything about. My son is depressed and lonely. Help him take his medication.

Time For School - Dear God: School has started. Today I pray Your very special blessing on all educational institutions.

Sand Dollars and Snow - Dear God: Thank you for making our world so diverse. I live in the Midwest where it's cold, but two weeks ago I was in Florida and collected shells on a sunny beach.

The Good Ole Days - Dear God: When I was raising my kids, it was very different. They didn't sit and watch television all day. They didn't have iPods filled with trashy music and computers in their rooms. My children were respectful and dressed appropriately.

Financial Crisis - Dear God: It is very apparent that our country's leaders in Washington need Your help; especially Your wisdom and guidance in this financial dilemma.

My Hands - Dear God: I want to thank you for my hands. I use them for thousands of tasks without thinking how blessed I am. Today my hands washed my body, brushed my teeth, and fed me.

Guest of Honor - Dear God: The Christmas season is a beautiful time of year. It is the Holiday season—by Your presence, make it also a Holy season.