I'm Growing Old
Photo: Zach Carter
Dear God: You promise that in "old age" you will carry and deliver us (Isaiah 46:4). As old age creeps upon me Lord, I want to claim this promise in my life. Please increase my faith and trust to accept you at your word. Though I grow older each day and sight and hearing fail and more aches come with each passing year, help me to know that you are the great "I AM" and are ever with me. Help me realize that when the load gets too heavy, you have promised to carry me.

Teach me that confidence in you is like healing medicine–then my mind can be at ease, trusting you. As long as you give me life, Lord, help me to truly live–not wasting time, but using every moment for its intended purpose. Now let me enjoy a full and joyful day with you.

In Jesus’ name. Amen!

Written by Bud Roberts. Used with permission. Dear God © 2012 AnswersForMe.org. Click here for content usage information