The Good Ole Days

By Dixie Dee Whited

Photo by Dreamstime

Dear God: When I was raising my kids, it was very different. They didn’t sit and watch television all day. They didn’t have iPods filled with trashy music and computers in their rooms. My children were respectful and dressed appropriately. What’s happening to kids today? I see them at church and I’m embarrassed about what they’re wearing and can’t stand to hear them talk. It can’t be pleasing to you God or to their parents. I’m actually a little afraid of some of them with their weird haircuts and skin-tight clothes.

Only You can help me love and respect them. Help me to pray for them and that my critical spirit will be exchanged with love for each and every one of them no matter what they wear. Give me love for their over-worked parents and if I have an opportunity to reach out and help, show me the window of opportunity.

In Jesus’ name. Amen!