I'm Lonely
Photo: Rachel Gilmore
Dear God: Do you ever notice how many of your children are lonely? Some of us are divorced, some widowed and others have never married. There’s also a lot of loneliness within marriages. How did we all get to be such isolationists? For me, it’s because I don’t trust anymore. How can you when your best friend stabs you in the back? Jesus, you have no idea …

I guess you do have some idea. After all, in the Garden of Gethsemane, you asked your best friends to stay awake and pray with you and they slept instead. That wasn’t all. Later on that night, one of your own disciples betrayed you for money and another pretended he didn’t know you. You do understand. So I pray for your spirit of forgiveness. Fill me with love for those around me. Help me reach out to those who are lonely and help me forgive those who have disappointed and hurt me.

In Jesus’ name. Amen!

Written by Dixie Dee Reed. Used with permission. Dear God © 2013 AnswersForMe.org. Click here for content usage information.