I Am Someone

By Bud Roberts

Photo by Pixabay

Dear God: I'm a nobody! I feel like I do not amount to very much. It appears as though whatever I do is insignificant. Nothing of any count! Not many friends – and, yes, at times I feel like a social misfit. I could drop out of existence and no one would know the difference.

But today I read in your word "that you have redeemed me, you have called me by name, I am yours" (Isaiah 43:1). Because of your Son Jesus, I am someone! You gave your all to redeem me. You have put your love inside me. That makes me worth something. That makes me "somebody."

Thank you, God, for taking me, a nobody, and bringing me into your family –the family of Heaven–and by your compassionate grace giving me value. God, you are wonderful!

In Jesus’ name. Amen!