Resurrection Hope

By Bud Roberts

Photo by Pixabay

Dear God: Thank you for the Easter season that reaffirms our faith, trust and hope in the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. He gives us the hope to which we cling—"Because I live—you too shall live." Lord, your promise of eternal life with you is awesome.

You told us that "Everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life" (John 3:16, NLT). Thank you for this assurance. Please be near and bring comfort to those who have recently lost loved ones. May the presence of your Holy Spirit bring comfort and peace to their lives.

Thank you Jesus for being such a mighty Savior to gain the victory over death and the grave. Thank you for being our living Savior, soon to return and take us to live with you where there will be no more death (Revelation 21:4).

In Jesus’ name. Amen!