Exposing Your Grace

By Rich DuBose

Photo by Dreamstime

Dear God: It's a new day and I thank You for bringing me to it; for the benefits of rest and renewal. I just finished reading about when Jesus healed several people of their physical problems. The Pharasees (religious leaders) scolded one man for carrying his bed roll on the Sabbath. Evidentailly the church leaders saw themselves as the designated "spiritual police" who were to make sure people didn't break God's laws. The only problem was, they didn't really know You. 

Jesus swept all of this away when he told the healed man to pick up his bed roll and walk. Controversy could have been avoided if He had just said, "get and and walk, you're healed." But Jesus came to change people's misconceptions about You and Your character. This required a frontal attack on the sanctimonious piety being pushed by the religious leaders of that time. Eventually it got Him killed! But not before Jesus was able to expose their errors and spread the good news about God's grace.

Thank You for loving me that much. Help me today to reflect this love to those around me.  

In Jesus' name. Amen!